WQC Question Paper

The World Quizzing Championships is made up of eight papers. These are given out in two packs of four papers. Contestants have 60 minutes to answer each pack. The subjects within each genre are:

Architecture, Fine art, Museums, Mythology, Opera, Philosophy, Religion, Theatre (High Brow), World cultures

Ballet, Celebrities, Classical music, Film & TV Music, Jazz & World Music, Pop music, Radio, Television, Theatre (Popular/Musicals)

Civilisations, Current Affairs, Exploration, Famous People (History), History

Costume, Design, Fashion, Food & Drink, Handicrafts, Health & Fitness, Hobbies & Pastimes, Human Body, New Age Beliefs, Products & Brands, Tourism

Comic strips, Comic books, Film, Graphic novels, Language, Literature, News Media, Periodicals, Social Media

Exact sciences (Chemistry, Physics etc.), Fauna, Flora, Social sciences

Sport & Games
Games, Sports, Records & achievements (in context of genre)

Cities, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Inventions, Space, Technology, Transport

It is possible that a question might appear to reside in either of one or two, or perhaps more, genres. Players should be aware that in selecting questions we take care to ensure a certain level of coverage and geographical spread in each of the genres and this might well dictate which genre it will finally appear within.