The World Quizzing Championships 2017 saw 277 players from Canada and the USA heading out to take part in the quiz.

Introducing Tim Polley, the highest-scoring player from North America.

Tim is 30 years old, born in Concord, California but has lived in Mississippi over 20 years. He never went to college, so he is entirely self-educated as far as quizzing goes.

Tim collects books and, when not out with friends, he spends a lot of his free time reading or following the news from around the world. His favourite subjects are things like classical music, history, literature and classic films. Tim hopes one day that quizzing can be as big in the U.S. as it is in a lot of Europe.

He always tries to keep up with the latest episodes of Eggheads and Mastermind and is a regular competitor on Tim is currently holding his own in the league’s top division ('Tigers A1') along with the likes of former WQC champion and England national team regular Pat Gibson (who is also one of said 'Eggheads'), and quiz luminaries such as Dorjana Sirola (Croatia), Holger Waldenberger (Germany), and Steve Perry (USA).

North America - Top 20 (Overall)

Region PosGlobal PosNameCountryTotalMedHistSciEntCulLifeSptWrd
16Tim PolleyUSA1552222221918252322
214Steven PerryUSA1482121231920251219
316Raj DhuwaliaUSA1432022222016241718
417Mark RyderUSA1432519231620221118
519Jakob MyersUSA1422023221821201318
621Yogesh RautUSA1412719161817241320
727Shane WhitlockUSA1361917211519221919
830Andrew UllspergerUSA1352120231616251414
937Patrick FrielUSA1322314201619221418
1038Victoria GroceUSA1322020192112231316
1152Chris GrubbUSA129161823151723417
1253Eric SmithCanada1282121221514201315
1359Jonathan HessUSA1271316211915231518
1463Joshua KreitzerUSA1262418152012211016
1572Steve BahnamanUSA1232018181216201318
1673Adam VillaniUSA1232012181911231417
1775Richard GrimesUSA1221521191816181415
1878Jerome VeredUSA1211618171021211018
1979Guy JordanUSA1211917141521171018
2085Greg PetersonUSA1201716221421171113

Genre Winners

The following tables show the top 20 highest placed players in the region. Because ties in genre positions aren't split, sometimes there will be more than 20 names listed.

North America - Top 20 (Media)

Genre Position
NameCountryMediaTotal WQC
Global Position
1Yogesh RautUSA2714121
2Mark RyderUSA2514317
3Joshua KreitzerUSA2412663
4Peter MorrisUSA2312087
4Patrick FrielUSA2313237
6Cliff GaliherUSA22107175
6Tim PolleyUSA221556
8Steven PerryUSA2114814
8Eric SmithCanada2112853
8Joe WallingUSA2192382
8Andrew UllspergerUSA2113530
12Victoria GroceUSA2013238
12Jonpaul GuinnUSA2084571
12Jakob MyersUSA2014219
12Raj DhuwaliaUSA2014316
12Adam VillaniUSA2012373
12Simon McandrewsUSA2099278
12Steve BahnamanUSA2012372
20Guy JordanUSA1912179
20Mehrun EtebariUSA19117107
20Matt MarcotteUSA1994360
20Benji NguyenUSA1998293
20Raghuveer MukkamallaUSA19118101
20Shane WhitlockUSA1913627
20Tanay KothariUSA19110151

North America - Top 20 (History)

Genre Position
NameCountryHistoryTotal WQC
Global Position
1Sameer RaiUSA25108170
2Jakob MyersUSA2314219
3Tim PolleyUSA221556
3Raj DhuwaliaUSA2214316
5Eric SmithCanada2112853
5Richard GrimesUSA2112275
5Jonathan TranUSA2192399
5Steven PerryUSA2114814
9Victoria GroceUSA2013238
9Andrew UllspergerUSA2013530
9Jason SterlacciUSA20105202
12Peter MccorquodaleUSA19112140
12Jeff KingUSA19114124
12Yogesh RautUSA1914121
12Mark RyderUSA1914317
12Mykal R. DuffyUSA19105199
17John HeckenlivelyUSA18105200
17Joshua KreitzerUSA1812663
17Jerome VeredUSA1812178
17Chris GrubbUSA1812952
17Steve BahnamanUSA1812372
17Benji NguyenUSA1898293

North America - Top 20 (Sciences)

Genre Position
NameCountrySciencesTotal WQC
Global Position
1Andrew UllspergerUSA2313530
1Chris GrubbUSA2312952
1Mark BraderCanada2397315
1Steven PerryUSA2314814
1Sid ShankerUSA23114126
1Mark RyderUSA2314317
7David DixonUSA22110154
7Eric SmithCanada2212853
7Raj DhuwaliaUSA2214316
7Tim PolleyUSA221556
7Jakob MyersUSA2214219
7Greg PetersonUSA2212085
13Jonathan HessUSA2112759
13Shane WhitlockUSA2113627
13Leroy BervanUSA21100267
16Todd GrossUSA20102236
16Gary GambinoUSA20104209
16Patrick FrielUSA2013237
16Matt LairdUSA2093366
16Krishnamurthy ViswanathanUSA2098291
16Marian McKenzieUSA2088472
16Peter MccorquodaleUSA20112140
16Eric BellUSA2011991

North America - Top 20 (Entertainment)

Genre Position
NameCountryEntertainmentTotal WQC
Global Position
1Victoria GroceUSA2113238
2Susannah BrooksUSA2011896
2Nitish KhadiyaUSA20104213
2Raj DhuwaliaUSA2014316
2Eric BellUSA2011991
2Joshua KreitzerUSA2012663
7Adam VillaniUSA1912373
7Steven PerryUSA1914814
7Jonathan HessUSA1912759
7Tim PolleyUSA191556
11Yogesh RautUSA1814121
11Jakob MyersUSA1814219
11Richard GrimesUSA1812275
11David DixonUSA18110154
15Andrew MoinUSA1796336
16Stefan GoodreauUSA16105198
16Mark RyderUSA1614317
16Patrick FrielUSA1613237
16Matt MarcotteUSA1694360
16Mehrun EtebariUSA16117107
16Andrew UllspergerUSA1613530
16Ray HamelUSA1689454

North America - Top 20 (Culture)

Genre Position
NameCountryCultureTotal WQC
Global Position
1Guy JordanUSA2112179
1Jakob MyersUSA2114219
1Greg PetersonUSA2112085
1Jerome VeredUSA2112178
5Tanay KothariUSA20110151
5Mark RyderUSA2014317
5Steven PerryUSA2014814
8Patrick FrielUSA1913237
8Shane WhitlockUSA1913627
10Tim PolleyUSA181556
10Leslie ShannonUSA18111148
10Chris LionelCanada1892394
13Yogesh RautUSA1714121
13Jason SterlacciUSA17105202
13Sid ShankerUSA17114126
13Chris GrubbUSA1712952
17Eugene HungUSA16100265
17Dan MeliaUSA16107180
17Raj DhuwaliaUSA1614316
17Richard GrimesUSA1612275
17Peter MccorquodaleUSA16112140
17Steve BahnamanUSA1612372
17Andrew UllspergerUSA1613530
17Peter MorrisUSA1612087
17anderson wangUSA16100269
17Ricky YoungUSA1687497
17Dustin HinzUSA16109161

North America - Top 20 (Lifestyle)

Genre Position
NameCountryLifestyleTotal WQC
Global Position
1Susannah BrooksUSA2611896
2Steven PerryUSA2514814
2Tim PolleyUSA251556
2Andrew UllspergerUSA2513530
5Yogesh RautUSA2414121
5Raj DhuwaliaUSA2414316
5Todd GrossUSA24102236
8Chris GrubbUSA2312952
8Matthew SherenUSA23115119
8Adam VillaniUSA2312373
8Victoria GroceUSA2313238
8Jonathan HessUSA2312759
13Dan MeliaUSA22107180
13David WhitleyUSA22102223
13Elizabeth CarrelUSA2286519
13Peter MorrisUSA2212087
13Laura PaquetCanada2279681
13Jeff KingUSA22114124
13Leif PerkinsUSA2296322
13Patrick FrielUSA2213237
13Mark RyderUSA2214317
13Shane WhitlockUSA2213627

North America - Top 20 (Sport & Games)

Genre Position
NameCountrySport & GamesTotal WQC
Global Position
1Tim PolleyUSA231556
2Nitish KhadiyaUSA20104213
3Shane WhitlockUSA1913627
4Kaya ChuaUSA1899282
5George TsujiCanada1781643
5Dave MattinglyUSA1791402
5Raj DhuwaliaUSA1714316
8Raghuveer MukkamallaUSA16118101
8Sean ThompsonCanada16102237
8Bill NewsomeUSA1669945
11David ProvostUSA1595345
11Jonathan HessUSA1512759
11James LerouxCanada1587503
11Mykal R. DuffyUSA15105199
11Dustin HinzUSA15109161
11Choyon ManjrekarUSA1598289
11Lorin BurteUSA15102226
11Jason SterlacciUSA15105202
11Rick BakkerUSA1599274
11Anthony NiblettCanada1587493

North America - Top 20 (World)

Genre Position
NameCountryWorldTotal WQC
Global Position
1Tim PolleyUSA221556
2Yogesh RautUSA2014121
3Steven PerryUSA1914814
3Shane WhitlockUSA1913627
5Mehrun EtebariUSA18117107
5Jerome VeredUSA1812178
5Raj DhuwaliaUSA1814316
5Patrick FrielUSA1813237
5Jonathan HessUSA1812759
5Jakob MyersUSA1814219
5Guy JordanUSA1812179
5Matthew SherenUSA18115119
5Mark RyderUSA1814317
5Steve BahnamanUSA1812372
15Carlos RossUSA17113132
15Brian FoderaUSA17101247
15Leslie ShannonUSA17111148
15Chris GrubbUSA1712952
15Clint FanslowUSA1797302
15Adam VillaniUSA1712373
15Raghuveer MukkamallaUSA17118101

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