In order to appeal to all stakeholder groups we can tailor the sponsorship opportunity to cover all needs and eventualities – we can work with you to develop bespoke campaign threads or you can use our existing ideas.

Channel Partners

If you sell via the Channel, running specific ‘Partner’ elements, only available to resellers and distribution partners, you can help drive traffic to store or online.  Participants can win retail only prizes or be entered for draws. Your Partner can add real value here too.

Internal Staff

There is a huge range of potential ideas that sit around quizzing for organisations to get them team involved. From World Record attempts – largest ever coffee morning quiz to inter-office challenges. Whatever size your organisation we can find a suitable solution to get the internal team onboard!


We are all end-users at the end of the day but by running specific events we bring in all races, creeds and genders. We can aim quizzes at a vast range of subjects, be that be age group, topic, style. Our events can take place online or via apps and at physical locations. Raising brand awareness either for a specfic product or range of products helps drive sales, lifting profits for your organisation and that of your Channel.

B2B vs B2C

Does your organisation have cross-consumer reach? We have solutions for both the B2B audiences and B2C we’d be happy to discuss your individual needs as both areas take specific knowledge and understanding.

Whom ever your stakeholders are – quizzing can work to reach them.