The World Quizzing Champion

The World Quizzing Champion 2015 in England’s Olav Bjortomt with a score of 161 out of a possible 210.

The Top 20

This year, we have 12 nations represented in the Top 20. Olav Bjortomt (Eng), Kevin Ashman (Eng), Pat Gibson (Eng), Tero Kalliolevo (Fin), Holger Waldenberger (Ger), Ove Põder (Est), Tom Trogh (Bel), Ronny Swiggers (Bel), Thomas Kolåsæter (Nor), Nico Pattyn (Bel), Ian Bayley (Eng), Didier Bruyere (Fra), Igor Habal (Est), Dorjana Širola (Cro), Raj Dhuwalia (USA), Andrei Baburin (Rus), Paul Sinha (Eng), Eric Smith (Can), Patrick Friel (USA), S Bhattacharya (Ind)

We have published a list of genre winners, age group winners and regional winners HERE.

Provisional results based on scores received by 00:00 on 14th June:

Pos Name Country Ent Hst Lfs Sci Clt Med Spt Wld Total Wst Hi Hi2 Hi3
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