The World Quizzing Championships 2020

Saturday 5 December

Join us quizzing all over the world on Saturday 5 December! Venues will start appearing on 1 October 2020.

Get Some Pratice In!

You can take part in our Hot 100 and Quizzing 101 quizzes every month. The Hot 100 is a 100-question quiz with an international flavour, and Quizzing 101 is a 101-question quiz designed to help you improve your quizzing skills - it even includes hints and tips. Both quizzes can be played from home if you can't find a venue near you.

You can find the results from 2019 here.

Olav Bjortomt – World Quizzing Champion 2019

The inaugural Quiz Olympiad champion, Olav Bjortomt, took the World Quizzing Championships title for a fourth time in 2019. He was three points clear of the runner-up, the USA's Steve Perry, with a stellar performance in a tough set of questions.

Who will challenge him for the 'World Quizzing Championships' crown next time - 5 December 2020?