World Quizzing Championships

World Quizzing Championships 2016 – 4 June

The World Quizzing Championships will take place on 4 June 2016 at venues all over the world. If you would like to run a venue, then please get in touch –

Meet the World Quizzing Champion 2015, Olav Bjortomt!

olav_bjortomtMeet The 2015 World Quizzing Champion

Olav, the reigning European Quizzing Champion, was the winner of the first ever World Quizzing Championships way back in 2003 when he beat just 44 other contestants in one venue. This year, he’s conquered over 2,000 quiz players in 118 venues across 38 countries.

As well as taking part in high level quizzes and being a long-standing member of the England first team, Olav sets quiz questions for TV shows and newspapers and is a trained journalist – winner of The Guardian’s Student Journalist of the Year award in 2001.

Olav’s astonishing score of 161 on a really tough set of questions saw him four points ahead of Kevin Ashman and five points ahead of Pat Gibson, both previous World Quizzing Champions.

The full scores will be uploaded to here. We have around 400 new scores in and we’re working our way through a LOT of minor corrections. Hopefully, this will be completed this evening (9 June), at which point, we will announce country winners, genre winners and age group winners.